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Many industries including metal and automobile have understood the importance of powder coating. They have become aware of the fact that besides being cost efficient, powder coating is also environment friendly. Zero wastage and the ability to be used again have made powder coating the choice of many in the industry as well as at personal level. People are becoming more inclined towards using powder coating for a number of reasons including suppleness and robustness. But the million dollar question here is what is there in powder coating that makes it so special and better than the usual standard paint.
There are mainly six ingredients in powder coating that makes it very different. These six major ingredients are the reason behind its success, durability and flexibility.


Resin is always present in powder coating. Epoxy and polyester are the two common types of resin. The coating contains either one of the type.

Curing agents

In order to increase the durability and solidify the coating, curing agents are used. They have the ability to bind the coating. Dicyandiamide curing agent is used when the epoxies are present in the coating and primid curing agents is used if coating contains polyesters. Hybrid curing agents are also used on some occasions. Hybrid curing agents have properties of both dicyandiamide and primid curing agents.


Another important ingredient of powder coating is additives. A wide range of additives are present, each serving a different purpose. Some of these additives are used to create a hardened finish while others are used to create a matt effect. The most famous additive that is used is benzoin, it is added to epoxy resin and it results in reduction of surface tension along with melt viscosity. Other examples of additives include

  • BYK 356
  • DISPERBYK-2200
  • GARAMITE-7305 etc

Post Additives

Post additives are also very important ingredient of the powder coating, as they are have the ability to prevent the powder from caking. They are added after the powder gets hard and it is broken it small chunks.

Tint Pigments

Tint pigments are also part of the powder coating. They bring the color that is present in the coating. There are two types of pigments, the first one is inorganic, and pigments belonging to this category are mostly dull and pale. The other type is organic, pigments of this form are more vibrant.


Extenders or better known as fillers provides coating with an extra layer of durability. They also reduce the glossiness.