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Coventry, West Midlands, England – At Bystronic UK’s recent open house, Water Jet Cutting (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England) placed an order for a 6kW BySprint Fibre laser profiling machine.

The company, a division of Gee Graphite, which specializes in supplying graphite gaskets and valve seals to the petrochemical sector, will take delivery of the machine at its factory in early April 2015. It will be the first in the UK to have the new, optional Power Cut Fiber feature, which doubles the thickness of aluminum and stainless steel that can be cut to 30 mm while maintaining extremely fine cutting quality. Being powered by a fiber laser, the machine is also able to process copper (up to 12mm) and its alloys, such as brass (up to 15mm), without damaging the optics. Consequently, the electrical and motor manufacturing industries will be new target markets.

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