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Although the powder coating process offers important advantages that make it the finish of choice among manufacturers of industrial and consumer products—beautiful cosmetic appearance, durability, overall quality, and economies—the process also introduces health and safety issues that make cleanup of powder coating booths far more important than merely necessary housekeeping.

Worker exposure to inhalable particles, the possibilities of powder combustion, and environmental damage are all potential hazards that must be dealt with by manufacturers who use powder-coating technology. While the basic requirements to minimize these hazards are spelled out by OSHA and other agencies, it is also clear that the avoidance of some risks can be determined by the choice of an ancillary tool that is needed in the powder-coating booth—the vacuum cleaner.

Some powder coating operations inadvertently use the familiar “shop-type” vacuums to clean their powder coating booths. This is especially common among manufacturers who are new to the powder coating technology. While the”shop-type” vacuums may be appropriate for some light-duty cleanups, they are generally unsafe for use in a powder spray booth. Furthermore, the use of an inappropriate vacuum cleaning system may cause the powder spray operation to lose economies from the recovery and reuse of overspray powder, and incur the added expense of having to dispose of wasted powder.

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