Using Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gages

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Using Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gages

Coating thickness gages that use ultrasonic measurement techniques are becoming increasingly popular. They support or replace destructive methods for measuring the thickness of coatings over wood and wood products

Coatings serve a variety of functions. Some are designed to restore, protect, waterproof, and beautify wood structures. Others are specifically formulated to seal and fill pores and to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface texture. Penetrating finishes are absorbed into the wood and harden to create a strong protective barrier that will not flake off.

Ultrasonic coating thickness measurement is now an accepted and reliable testing routine used in wood industries.  To verify gage calibration, epoxy coated thickness standards are available with certification traceable to national standards organizations.

Quick, non-destructive thickness measurements can now be taken on materials that previously required destructive testing or lab analysis. This new technology improves consistency and throughput in the finishing room. Potential cost reductions include:

  • Minimizing waste from over coating by controlling the thickness of the coating being applied
  • Minimizing rework and repair through direct feedback to the operator and improved process control
  • Eliminating the need to destroy or repair objects by taking destructive coating thickness measurements

Today, these instruments are simple to operate, affordable and reliable.

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