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Powder coating process is an easy coating process, has some difference with the conventional liquid paint method since powder coating is done electro statically and then cured underneath heat, powder used in the coating process usually a thermoplastic or may be a thermo set polymer.

There are three main processes involved in powder coating as enumerated below:

  1. Surface grounding

One of the most key steps in the powder coating process is surface grounding. Just like as liquid coatings, inadequate surface grounding leads to premature failure and poor performance. In powder coating there are quite a few methods of pretreatment that can be used based on the application. In each case the surface of the material to be coated must be entirely dry. Surface grounding in powder coating is usually similar with liquid coatings. A near white metal blast is suggested as the surface grounding method (though other methods can also be used). In coating process immersion, chemical stripping and multi-spray washers can be used. Immersion and multi-spray washers are well-liked because of their effectiveness.

  1. Cleaning the base metal

Cleaning the metal to be powder coated is also necessary. Uses of bead or abrasive blasting on hard metal eliminate mill and rust scale, dirt and foreign materials; while chemical solvent cleaning will remove any oil, grease or paint. Moreover light sanding can be completed to prepare the surface. Magnesium, Aluminum, and other soft alloy metals can be solvent cleaned and wire brushed or sanded too if it is needed at all for coating process.

  1. Applying the Powder to the object

This is normally done using a “gun” or compressed air sprayer which electro statically charges the powder material so that it sticks to the grounded base metal object kept for the coating. These guns are available in different shops. For investigational purposes, the powder can applied to a flat metal surface by dusting it directly and spreading it to an even and thin layer. In electrostatic spray method a storage container is used to hold the powder. This container is filled with air to fluidize the powder. After that a pump forces the air and powder through feed hoses to a spray gun. This spay gun uses either corona charging or tribo electric method to charge the powder. The gun then sprays the charge particles on top of the work piece (to reach higher thickness the work piece must be heated prior to application), which is electrically beached through metallic hooks or hangers.

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