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Laser cutting is where laser is used to cut materials, wherein a computer controlled laser is programmed to cut materials, mostly stainless steel, to have the desired output. Laser fusion cutting, wherein carbon dioxide is being used to cut in stainless steels. One advantage of this process is that the cut edges are oxide free and does not require any further treatment. Carbon Dioxide lasers are also preferred in cutting thicker materials, and these lasers do cut stainless steels and construction steels at 18 meters per minute speed.
In laser cutting stainless steel, micro material processing solid state lasers are applied. This is when short laser pulses that are extremely high powered produce a density that the material vaporizes. In this process, laser cuts are dross free quality and have minimal heat affected zone.

2D Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel

This is being used for a broad range of applications, due to its high speed operation, low heat affected zones and excellent quality of cut edges. An example of its application is cutting hifi-housing, knives, scalpels and bone saws. Laser cutting is used in cutting scalpels because of its sensitive design and a special stainless steel is used.

2D Laser Cutting of Finest Tubes

Laser cutting is also used to cut finest tubes that are being used for implants or narrow tubes used in arteries. Laser cutting is excellent in producing excellent cutting edges.

3D Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel

With 3D laser cutting, structural shapes, spun parts, tubes, formed parts and pipes which are usually used in architecture can be laser cut in a cost effective way with suitable sections. With the help of 3D lasers, stainless steels can be outlined in almost any resolution. In this case, we can give an example of trenches can be inserted into a stainless steel plate thus resulting to 500 trenches per centimeter square is actually possible.

There are a lot of types of laser cutting, and Carbon Dioxide laser cutting is suited for cutting, boring and engraving. Carbon dioxide laser are commonly pumped by passing a current through the gas mix. This type of lasers is used for industrial cutting of materials such as mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, wood and fabrics. With its high powered cutting advantage, effective cutting is attained, and these types of cuts, are dross free quality, and minimal heat in the affected zones, with minimal heat, less damage and less treatment is needed.

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