Revitalizing Cedar Point’s Iconic Boardwalk

Summary: The iconic 1300-feet boardwalk at Cedar Point, running between Sandcastle Suites and Windseeker, has been enhanced with a newly coated sea green fence, thanks to the services of Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company. This project, overseen by Wald Wlodarsky of WELD TECH, LLC, is part of a broader initiative to extend the boardwalk. Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company is dedicated to delivering quality and versatile powder coating solutions.

Industry: Amusement Park
Process: Powder Coating
Category: Custom Powder Coating

Cedar Point’s renowned boardwalk, stretching a substantial 1300 feet from Sandcastle Suites to Windseeker, now boasts a freshly completed sea green fence. This enhancement is part of a wider expansion plan for the boardwalk to extend towards the main parking lot. Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company was entrusted with the task of applying a robust powder coating to the fence, a responsibility we’re grateful to Wald Wlodarsky of WELD TECH, LLC for assigning to us.

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