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Tualatin, OR – Researchers with LPKF Laser & Electronics have announced a breakthrough in the molded interconnect device industry: the development of a powder coating that enables laser direct structuring (LDS) to comply with metallic surfaces. LDS is a patented 3-step process for creating circuitry on molded interconnect devices. Until now, LDS could only be applied to parts molded from specially doped thermoplastics.

That is quickly changing. Dr. Wolfgang John, senior laser direct structuring consultant with LPKF, explained the process. “Normally with LDS, you run a laser over the surface of a thermoplastic part. The laser micro-etches the surface, tracing the wiring pattern and preparing the part for electroless plating.

“Now here’s where it gets interesting. Whereas before LDS could only be implemented on doped thermoplastics, this new technique allows circuitry to be added directly to powder-coated surfaces on metals such as steel or aluminum,” said John.

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