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In 1973 full-time farmer Mike Van Mill tried his hand at building a grain wagon for a neighboring farmer, and he has been at it full-time since incorporating Brent Industries a few years later. Now the operations manager for Unverferth Mfg., Shell Rock, Iowa, Van Mill is part of a team that manufactures implements under the Brent brand name. The staff runs the facility like a savvy farmer runs a farm, always looking for a better way but proceeding cautiously. A sheet laser purchased in the early 2000s led to a tube laser purchased in 2014.

Drive through the countryside of any Midwestern state in the middle of August and the scenery doesn’t change much. Mile after mile after mile, you’re likely to see nothing but fields of corn, soybeans, hay, and more corn. The Midwest doesn’t have the majestic views of the Rocky Mountains or the soothing calm of the oceans, and it certainly doesn’t inspire flocks of camera-toting tourists like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, and a hundred other places throughout the U.S. The fields of the Midwest just aren’t much to look at.

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