Powder Coating Trends: Future Aspects and Possibilities

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Powder coating technology is getting popular day by day with its significant advantages and user-friendly properties. Powder coating is cheaper and environment friendly as compared to traditional liquid painting method. Although powder coatings have some disadvantages but these unwanted shortcomings will be eliminated or minimized by the improvement of equipments and formulation process. As an example we can discuss about resin systems, this new technology allows powder coatings to be cured at only 120°C, which is considerably low temperature in terms of curing process. This low temperature curing process is normally known as IR curing. In present time IR curing has widen up the market for heating sensitive substrates like plastic and wood. This success indicates the great future of powder coating trends.  





  • High temperature powder coating process is also improving gradually. Now we can use powder coating techniques where high temperature is needed to complete the task. This process includes gas, exhaust component, charcoal grills, fireplace and light furniture etc.
  • Equipments up gradation can also contribute to the forward advancement of powder coating trends. The utilization rate is of 16% in powder coating process where as it is only 30% to 40% in other orthodox coating process.
  • Powder coating is fully an automated industrial technique in which older wet painting process is avoided. The application process is very user friendly and gentle in powder coating just because of this it is getting popular day by day all over the world.
  • Electrostatic application process gives powder coating trends an extra edge over other traditional liquid painting method. In electrostatic application, we use very highly automated coating process which is indeed results extremely high-quality coatings to be applied on the substance.   


  • It has some short comings in lower temperature curing, to overcome this experts are working on, even though now it is possible to maintain quality and no performance loss at below 120°C temperature.
  • Whether coated, with over five years coverage in light resistance in terms of little or no fadedness.
  • In high speed curing now a days experts are using IR, NIR, UV and other curing process to achieve better performance.
  • Surface appearance remains as good as liquid painting i.e. smooth thin film; smooth low temperature; fast curing and metallic finishing.
  • It provides good corrosion resistance and gives adhesion with no pretreatment of conversion coating.

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC, our custom powder coating lines are designed with quality and versatility in mind. We operate two conveyor types, and one batch type processing production line to accommodate a range of sizes and volumes. These specially designed lines can powder coat parts up to 26’ x 3’ x 6’ and heavy duty hooks can hold up to 550 lbs. each. From light poles to electrical enclosures, our lines can be configured to hold small intricate parts up to large scale architectural components. To achieve proper adhesion of the coating to the substrate, 3 stage or 6 stage pretreatment processes are used. In addition we also provide sandblasting, shot blasting, and surface grinding to remove all old coatings, rust, or scale prior to washing. Read more about our custom powder coating services and how we can be of help to your powder coating needs.