Powder Coating Ovens

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Powder Coating Ovens.

To powder coat, you will need some type of oven in order to cure the powder coating.   You will need an oven that is capable of sustaining 450 degrees and your parts have to fit inside of it. I will explain some of the cheaper types of ovens that are easy to get your hands on here.There are 4 types of ovens that are cheap enough to start with: a toaster oven, a household oven, harbor freights 110v(regular outlet) oven, or a propane grill. The oven is one of those things where the price goes up gradually with the size until you pass household oven and then the price jumps to thousands. An oven you could fit 4 wheels or a bike frame is around $2,000. If you want to an oven that will fit a car, your looking at $10,000 to $20,000.  You can however, find some used large powder coating ovens on ebay from time to time.