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Powder coating is a dry finishing procedure that represents over 15% of the total industrial finishing market. Powder, as a finishing material, has been extremely popular in Northern America for more than four decades already. It has been used for a wide spectra of industrial products as a high-quality, durable finish.

How Powder Coating Works

Powder coatings are based on polymer resin systems, mixed with curatives, leveling agents, pigments, flow modifiers and other additives. These ingredients are combined through a process of melting, cooling and grounding into a consistent powder akin to a baking flour. Electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is normally used to apply the powder coating to a metal substrate. This application process uses a spray gun, which uses an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which are then attracted to the grounded part.

After the application process, the parts go into a curing oven where with an ample amount of heat, the coating chemically reacts to yield long molecular chains, causing a high cross-link density. This is the most common type of applying powders and it usually resistant to breakage. In addition to metal substrates, powder coating can also be applied to non-metallic substrates such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and plastics.

Regardless of which application method is used, powder coating is proved to be an easy and economical way to produce a high-quality finish

Durability of Powder CoatingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Toughness and durability is among of the quality of powder coating application that earned its popularity. At the present, this high-quality finish can be found on hundreds of products you see every day. Powder coating shields the roughest and toughest material that we use every day – from machinery to household items. It works better than any liquid paints can provide, while providing a durable and attractive finish. Powder coated products are resistant to reduced coating quality as a result of moisture, impact, utraviolet light, chemicals, and other extreme weather conditions. This, in turn, lessens the risk of chipping, abrasions, scratches, fading, corrosion, and other wear issues. It’s tough. It looks great. And it lasts a long, long time.

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC, our custom powder coating lines are designed with quality and versatility in mind. We operate two conveyor types, and one batch type processing production line to accommodate a range of sizes and volumes. These specially designed lines can powder coat parts up to 26’ x 3’ x 6’ and heavy duty hooks can hold up to 550 lbs. each. From light poles to electrical enclosures, our lines can be configured to hold small intricate parts up to large scale architectural components. To achieve proper adhesion of the coating to the substrate, 3 stage or 6 stage pretreatment processes are used. In addition we also provide sandblasting, shot blasting, and surface grinding to remove all old coatings, rust, or scale prior to washing. Read more about our custom powder coating services and how we can be of help to your powder coating needs.