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Powder coating is a product coating technique that has highly revolutionized the automotive manufacturing and after marker industry. The application process is dynamic and is characterized with key value propositions, has relatively low operating costs, faster production, and is environmentally friendly.  All of these benefits directly benefit the consumer with higher quality, longer lasting parts at more affordable rates.

For so many decades, the standard coating for automotive manufacturing and parts production was conventional liquid coatings. A downside of these liquids is their emission of dangerous VOCs during the application stage. Powder coatings on the other side are not solvent dependent and are applied without having to be mixed with the solvents. As a result, no harmful emissions are produced and released into the environment eliminating the need of investing in the expensive waste disposal systems. The powder that has been over sprayed can also be collected and reused, further reducing costs. Since powder neither drips nor run, the end result is always a uniform and superior high quality finish.

Transforming the Auto Industry Clear Topcoats: there is a rapid movement from the liquid application to the powder application of car body exteriors. Powder coats are resistant to sun’s ultraviolent rays, road & weather damage and resistant to acid rain thus enabling cars retain the “showroom” look for very long period. This improves the resale value of your car.

Body primers: the technology has emerged as a primer for cars, pick up, van among other auto bodies. The technology that is now cooking wand will soon be out is the body primers that will come in colors.

OEM & Aftermarket Parts: there is a great potential in the current market for the high heat resistant coatings that resist corrosion, prolong muffler’s life and protect it against nicks. There are some auto companies that are already using heat resistant powders on the aftermarket mufflers. It is projected that in the next two to three years, this technology will have hit the entire market.

Powder coating applications are also applied to grilles, wheels, door handles, bumpers, roof racks and interior rim among others. Some of the uses “under the hood” include in the oil together with fuel filters, engine block casings, brake pads, radiators together with suspension components among others.

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