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More and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of coated paint as compared to simple paint. Both consumers and the industry have started to feel that powder coating is way superior and then the paint in terms of quality and price.  The advantages of powder coating over the orthodox liquid coating are numerous.

Formation of Powder Coating

Unlike the traditional paint that is applied in liquid form, powder coating is applied as blow drying powder. Powder coating does not need a solvent. In fact, an electrostatic method is used to apply the coating. After that the coat is thoroughly applied, it is cured under the heat. This heat allows the coat to melt and form a skin. The powder is either thermoset polymer or a thermoplastic, thus, the coating provided by it is harder and tougher than the regular paint.

Advantages of Powder

Environmental: Among the many environmental advantages of powder, lack of VOC’s and solvents is on the top. Both VOC’s and solvents are very damaging to the environment. The waste produced by coating does not pose a threat to the environment as it can be disposed of in the landfill. Wet paint, on the other hand, contains chemicals such as volatile organic compounds and solvent which are really harmful to the ozone. It is also very difficult to dispose of the waste produced due to wet paint.

Economical: One of the major economic benefits of powder coating is regarding its efficiency and overspray. Sixty to seventy percent is the average transfer efficiency of the powder coating and the overspray that has been used can be reused any time, thus resulting in zero waste products. On the contrary, if we talk about wet paint, its’ transfer efficiency is around fifty percent and there is no way that you reclaim the over spray. Powder coating base is also price effective, it is less expensive than the regular we paint base.

Mechanical:  Despite being less expensive in comparison to wet paint, powder coating also produces a coating that is twice as thick as the regular paint. Powder coating is famous for its flexibility and ability to yield with the material that it has been applied to. This very reason makes it best choices for everyone in the transportation industry as their products are subject to a number of twisting and vibration during this trip on the road. Also, it is proven that powder coating is more susceptible to rock chips and other road damages as compared to the standard paint.