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When painting manufactured products, the choice of paint you choose will determine the outcome. Do you select powder coat or wet spray paint?

While wet spray paint, may seem convenient and readily available, powder coat is a better option. If you are yet to be convinced, read on!

Top properties of powder coat paint

Thicker film

Unlike the traditional wet spray paints, the powder coat is four to ten times thicker.  To be precise, the powder paint is applied in thickness of about 2 to 6 millimeters for decorative coats whereas for functional purposes, you can vary the thickness.

Highly adhesive

The powder coat paints adhere to the surface better than the spray paint.  This ensures that the paint does not chip easily or worse still expose the substrate to corrosive elements. Hence, it is a great choice of paint to apply on those areas, which face high abrasion or are susceptible to weather elements.

It is durable

The wet spray paint does not present the same hardness as the powder coat.  Therefore, is durable enough to prevent chipping, rusting or corroding. As long as, you apply the appropriate thickness, you can be assured the surface will stay intact.

Amazingly flexible

If you are painting flexible surfaces, the powder coat, does not crack, no matter how you bend it.  Its manufacturers assure you that the coat can withstand an elongation of about 100 to 800%, without flaking.

Environmentally friendly

The powder coat is environmental conscious as compared to the spray paint.  It does not produce harmful fumes, is not carcinogenic and it is non-flammable.

Resistance to corrosive elements

The powder coat does not corrode easily. As long as you have done the pretreatment of the substrate right, it will not be a problem. The coat can stay for a long time, without showing signs of corrosiveness.

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