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Origami portable laser cutter slices and etches whatever, wherever.

When I (Article by Eric Mack) covered MakerCon last month in New York for Gizmag, literally one of the first things I did was text a photo of the 45-lb (20 kg), tote-able laser cutter to my friend who owns a shop back home in New Mexico. As it turns out, that’s exactly the type of consumer Pittsburgh startup Red Ant hopes to target with its Origami.

“Certainly it’s good for universities, but also shops with limited space, pro-sumers and craft fairs too, because it provides the ability to customize products on the fly,” Red Ant co-founder Scott Ardisson told me.

Most laser cutters are big, bulky affairs that are set up once and rarely moved, often due to the elaborate wiring and ventilation systems that might be required. Even more frustrating for those with grand ambitions and projects is that the cutting area is often limited in size. Red Ant claims to address those concerns with a device it describes as the “first portable laser cutter with a fold-out arm and no limiting enclosure.”

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