New Monorail Batch Line

Producing Industrial Grade Products With Our New Monorail Batch Line

40’ L x 10’ H x 10’ W Parts

Architectural & Industrial® has always taken pride in production turn-around-time. Now A&I has increased the size of its production and capabilities significantly with the addition of a new Monorail Batch Line. Another result of the New Monorail Batch Line has led to significantly reduced production times. 

From small production runs to large production runs. The new Monorail Batch Line allows for top-quality powder coating  production runs for parts as big as 40′ L x 10′ H x 10′ W.  Pretreatment consist of 3 stages, 1,000 plus hours of salt spraying, Ziconium sealant, and a strong organic cleaner. 

From Control Gates and Stairways to Light Poles and Platforms, the product types are virtually unlimited. Just some of the industries that benefit from companies that provide Monorail Batch Line production systems are agricultural, fencing, structural steel, and more. 

ProcessMonorail Batch
Part LengthUp to 40 ft
Part WidthUp to 10 ft
Part HeightUp to 10 ft
Part WeightUp to 2,000 lbs
TestingCustomer Specific
QualityCertification of Process
EquipmentMonorail Batch Line
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