Metal Fabrication

Fast and Economical

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC, our custom powder coating lines are designed with quality and versatility in mind. We operate two conveyor types, and one batch type processing production line to accommodate a range of sizes and volumes. These specially designed lines can powder coat parts up to 26’ x 3’ x 6’ and heavy duty hooks can hold up to 550 lbs. each.

From light poles to electrical enclosures, our lines can be configured to hold small intricate parts up to large scale architectural components. To achieve proper adhesion of the coating to the substrate, 3 stage or 6 stage pretreatment processes are used. In addition, we also provide sandblasting, shot blasting, and surface grinding to remove all old coatings, rust, or scale prior to washing.

Polyester, epoxy, urethane, and hybrid coatings are also available. Specific formulations can be chosen to provide the appropriate abrasion resistant, high temperature, insulation, or corrosion resistant characteristics for a given application. Our powder coating process is AAMA 2605 and AAMA 2604 certified for quality, and standard testing can be performed to customer specifications.

Additional services include light fabrication, laser cutting, welding, assembly, and packaging. We specialize in fast service, with turnaround times of only 2-3 days and JIT shipping services available. For more information about our custom powder coating services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Metal Fabrication Capabilities

ProcessesRobotic and Manual Welding
Lift CapacityUp to 2 Tons
Product SizeFrom 18" x 18" x 18" To 10' x 10' x 10'
Cutting WidthUp to 60 Inches
Tolerance0.005 Inches
EquipmentTrueBend 7036 & 5230 / Doosan 5700
Powder CoatingAssembly
MIG and TIG WeldingPackaging
Metal CuttingTrucking

Small to large runs

Northern OhioSolon, OhioSouth Bend, Ind
Cleveland, OhioDetroit, MichiganEastern Pennsylvania
Toledo, OhioSoutheast MichiganWestern Pennsylvania
Akron, OhioWestern MichiganChicago, Illinois
Youngstown, OhioIndianapolis, IndNew York

2 to 3 weeks. Just In Time (JIT) Warehouse Shipping.

To learn more or to see how we can assist you on your Metal Fabrication needs, request a quote today.

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To learn more or to see how we can assist you on your Metal Fabrication needs, request a quote today

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