Vending Precision: Fabricated and Powder Coated Dispensing Kits for Seamless Distribution

Summary: Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC partnered with a Vending industry client to produce 600 dispensing kits annually, each comprising 33 individual parts. Using an advanced laser cutting system, all parts were optimally arranged and cut from a single sheet of 18ga HRPO steel. After precise cutting, the parts were assembled and packaged as per client guidelines. With a commitment to precision and a 15-day delivery cycle, the company provided a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to meet the client’s needs.

Industry: Vending
Process: Laser Cutting, Bending, Powder Coating, Kitting
Category: Contract Manufacturing

Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC was approached by a Vending industry client to manufacture dispensing kits tailored for vending machines. With a composition of 33 distinct parts, the challenge wasn’t just about precision; cost-effectiveness was paramount. Thanks to our adaptable capabilities and an established record in handling intricate demands, we were poised to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Our manufacturing task employed the advanced Trumpf 1030 2500 Watt Coax Laser cutting system. Taking the client’s cost parameters to heart, we innovatively arranged the cutting of all 33 parts on a singular sheet of 18ga HRPO steel. Upon the cutting completion, we assembled and packaged the parts in tune with the client’s guidelines.

The crafted parts spanned dimensions ranging from a modest 3″ to an expansive 6′ in length, and a height spectrum from 1″ to 4′. The precision was evident, with cutting tolerances steadfastly maintained at ± 0.035”. Our efficiency shone brightly as we rolled out 600 kits annually, all wrapped and ready within a 15-day cycle.

Navigating this intricate task with finesse, we offered the client a precise and pocket-friendly solution. For a deeper understanding of this venture or to discuss how we can streamline your manufacturing processes, reach out to Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company.

Laser Cut Aluminum Trolley and Safety Latch Project Highlights

Product DescriptionDispensing Kits for Vending Machine.
Kits of 33 parts for Vending Machines.Parts laid out
on Single Sheet,cut and kitted.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary: Secondary:
Laser Cutting Cnc Bending
Powder Coating
Overall Part DimensionLength:3″ to 6″
Height:1″ to 4″
Tightest Tolerence-0.035″ to +0.035″
Material UsedHRPO Steel
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection/Visual Inspection
Industry for UseVending
Volume600 Kits Per Year
Delivery/Turn around time15 working days
Delivery LocationOhio
Standards MetCustomers Specification,Division 2d CAD Drawing
Product NameInternal Rack
Customer FocusInteractive Vending Machines with credit card machine for institiutional usage.