Cleveland Ohio Powder Coating What is a powder coating oven used for?

Powder coating is a type of durable finish that’s tougher than paint finish, which is used in different applications and industries, such as automobile, electronics, and agriculture.

Thermoplastic or thermoset polymer undergoes a thermal process in an industrial oven, which is used in curing powder coating finishes.

When it comes to powder coating, industrial ovens play an important role in achieving the best powder coating finish for any part or component.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the powder coating oven and its uses.

Automotive Parts

Powder-coated automotive parts become highly resistant to damage against chemicals, moisture, UV light, chemicals, and impact. It’s no wonder why most off-the-road vehicles and other performance wheels are powder coated – racers powder coat chassis for rust protection.

Powder coating automotive parts reduces the risk of fading, scratches, chipping, abrasions, and other wear and tear issues of wet paint. Unlike spray paints, powder coating doesn’t use thinners, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that wreak havoc on the lungs, and other chemicals that require waste disposal methods.

Automotive parts use industrial ovens in the later stage of the powder coating process.

Here’s how automotive parts are usually powder coated:

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