Cleveland Ohio Laser Cutting 5 traits of top laser cutting operators

You did the research, crunched the numbers, crisscrossed the country attending demos and visiting showrooms, and talked to customers of every manufacturer. You made your choice and wrote that million-dollar check for your fiber laser cutter with visions of high productivity dancing in your head. But six months later, your actual output is half of what was promised. What went wrong?

The problem is probably not with your machine. You spent hours selecting the right technology, but how much time did you put into considering the person who operates your expensive investment?

Selecting the best possible laser operator is equally important as choosing the best possible machine. Having a topnotch operator is the key to realizing the optimum production you are expecting. The industry’s best operators aren’t mere button-pushers. They champion the laser cutting process, and the most elite among them share five principal traits.

  1. Driving Ambition
    Someone just interested in punching a time clock is not the person you want running your machine. You want someone committed to learning a trade. The laser is a machine tool just like a lathe, grinder, or machining center. Operators of that equipment are skilled machinists because of the time, effort, and knowledge it takes to become proficient. Your laser operator needs to be thought of in those same terms. Find an individual dedicated to reaching that level of expertise with your laser.

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