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A&I provides multiple services such as powder coating, metal fabrication, laser cutting, etc. to custom designed architectural projects. Our staff continuously monitor the quality at each stage so that we know that structural integrity and finish quality are second to none.


When it comes providing high quality finishing services for customers in the agricultural industry, A&I has the ability to provide multiple services such as powder coating and metal fabrication. Our monorail batch rail system allows us to service large parts in multiple quantities.


The aerospace industry often requires part finishes to meet special tolerances and withstand extreme environmental conditions on a daily basis. At A&I, we have the latest in technology and experienced staff to complete high-quality finishing and fabrication projects for the aerospace industry.


A&I has the skills and technology to provide multiple services such as powder coating, metal fabrication, and laser cutting for our customers throughout the industrial industry with products of the highest quality.We continuously monitor all projects from start to finish.

Metal Fabrication

A&I provides a turnkey metal fabrication service that usually requires welding. Customers in the metal fabrication industry are typically looking for a complete service that includes laser cutting, welding, powder coating, assembly, packaging and delivery services.

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