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Modern technology has introduced so many techniques of doing things in many fields. One of these things is the use of powder coating rather than wet paint finish. Most engineers opted powder coating as the best regarding safety, durability, quality as well as affordability. Powder coating involves the use of electrostatic attraction to metals to apply organic powder. This process should be applied to the factory where all conditions are controlled and stable. So, what is the procedure for applying powder coating? The initial step is sandblasting the surface so as to remove rust or any other old-coating; after which it should stay in a dry environment to avoid rust.

The second stage involves applying the powder using an electrostatic gun; the powder particles are attracted to the metal surface that is negatively charged. The interesting bit about this application is that you can’t apply a very thick layer as the positively charged powder particles will repel each other. The third stage involves moving the coated piece into the oven where it’s heated and stays in the oven depending on the volume of its steel. Fourth bit involves moving the piece back into the coating booth and given the final finish depending on the customer’s color preference. Finally, the piece is baked in the oven until fully cured then moved to the next level of production.

What makes coating powder the best option for your products? Powder coating is cost effective as there is no wastage in that what is over sprayed can be reclaimed. The powder does not pose any health risks unlike wet paint as it is inert and solid and, also, does not have any harmful chemical such as volatile organic compounds. This product is equally safe to the environment as it doesn’t have any harmful components that could contaminate the ozone and land when poorly disposed of. In mechanical terms, coating powder is more flexible and adapts to the material being applied. Also it finished products can be easily transported without being damaged as they stand up to vibration and other road-related issues. The whole procedure involved in coating powder is quite extensive hence ensure the durability of the products; oven heating and the spraying makes the products last longer. Despite the numerous advantages coating powder, it also has its weaknesses such as costly initial capital as well as maintenance. Also, it is hard to match metallic paint colors as well as paint rubber. However, most of these weaknesses can be overcome through engineering innovations.

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