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Powder coating process is a simple coating technique which is applied directly (powder) to the object. It has some dissimilarity with the conventional liquid paint method since powder coating is done electro statically and then it is cured underneath heat in the process of forming the “skin”. The powder used in the coating process normally a thermoplastic or it may be a thermo set polymer.

To ensure a solid powder coating process the following measures can be taken. These methods are technically proven and used by many famous factories all over the world.

  • Adequate ear-thing of the Object: During submission of electrostatic powder coating it generates a large quantity of negative charges which gets transferred to the object. If these electrons do not get earthed adequately, then the coated object surface quickly develops a powerful negative charge which as such repels the negatively charged powder from the spraying gun. Thus, as a result of insufficient ear-thing it becomes ineffectual to build up (quickly and efficiently) a thick layer of powder with good finish and flow. Inadequate ear-thing can easily be recognized through little or no powder accumulation about the hanging point of the object to be coated.
  • Adequate ear-thing of Spraying Equipment: Ensuring plant safely, it is completely crucial to use spray booths, earth spray kit and other related equipment. This eventually maximizes the evasion of high voltage discharge and the possibility of resultant electrical sparks. Therefore rasping charging equipment, good ear-thing of the spray gun is vital for successful coating. As the powder gets positively charged, the electrons that are exposed away must be earthed. Without efficiently ear-thing the spray gun, negative charges will build up and then powder will be allowed to pass through the gun without getting charged.
  • Adequate Air Quality: Adequate humidity within the working environment is of great significance for spraying competence. Ideal adequate humidity for powder coating is 45-55%. A faster build-up of the powder layer along with coating thickness is the advantage gained by controlled humidity.
  • Well Compressed Air Quality: Just clean and dried up compressed air should be supplied to powder coating kit. The quality of the compressed air can alter the electrostatic charging and transporting characteristics of the powder. Polluted compressed air may also source visual defects in the coating. Pressurized air must be free from water and oil and should keep as dry as possible.

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