Elevating Design with Our Advanced Laser Cutting Technology

In the ever-evolving world of design and manufacturing, staying ahead of technological advancements is key to offering unparalleled service. At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing, we’re proud to highlight our advanced laser cutting technology, a cornerstone of our services that empowers us to bring your visionary projects to life with unmatched precision and efficiency. Discover the full spectrum of our laser cutting capabilities here.

Our workshop boasts a cutting-edge CO2 laser system, chosen for its exceptional performance in cutting various metals, including cold rolled steel, aluminum, hot rolled steel, and stainless steel. This technology, combined with our flying optics laser configuration, enables us to execute cuts with incredible speed and accuracy. The flying optics system, by moving the laser beam over the workpiece, allows for quick, clean cuts without the need for moving the material itself, enhancing both precision and efficiency.

Our 3-axis cutting technology is perfectly suited for creating intricate designs and custom shapes in metals, supported by a robust 2500 Watt power output. This power ensures that we can handle metal thicknesses up to 0.75 inches for steel, providing the flexibility needed to fulfill a broad range of design specifications.

We are capable of achieving cut lengths of up to 120 inches and widths up to 60 inches, making our services ideal for projects of virtually any size. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to accuracy, with a cutting precision of 0.004 inches, ensuring that every detail of your design is realized to the highest standard.

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing, our goal is to provide you with services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our advanced laser cutting technology is just one example of how we’re achieving this, offering unparalleled precision, versatility, and speed. We invite you to learn more about how we can support your next project by visiting our website. Together, let’s turn innovative designs into reality.