Three-Day Turnaround Triumph: Rapid Fabrication and Powder Coating Project Helps Auto Company in Emergency

Summary: Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC swiftly catered to an automotive client in dire need, crafting paint and powder coat tooling. Drawing from the client’s existing blueprints, they expedited the design phase. With their state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, they meticulously crafted 961 units from ¼” HRPO steel plate in just three days, meeting exact specifications. The units were then promptly dispatched to locations in Michigan and Ohio. The company’s unparalleled expertise and nimble project management ensured they met tight deadlines, underscoring their commitment to quality and agility.

Industry: Automotive
Process: Powder Coating, Laser Cutting, Welding
Category: Expedited Fabrication and Finishing

When a leading automotive client found themselves in the throes of an internal disruption, they turned to Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC for a swift and adept resolution. Tasked with crafting paint and powder coat tooling for their bustling facility, we had to hit the ground running. Taking inspiration from the client’s existing components, we fast-tracked our design phase, ensuring a seamless integration into their operations.

We promptly fired up our high-precision laser cutters, deftly slicing through ¼” HRPO steel plates to mold parts with utmost accuracy. These precision-crafted pieces, measuring a robust 36.25″ in length and 6.78″ in height, weighed in at 0.62 lbs. Each piece embodied precision with tolerances impeccably maintained at ± 0.035”. Conventional welding techniques then fused these parts, transforming them into the desired end-product.

In an astonishingly short span of three workdays, we churned out and dispatched 961 units to the client’s facilities, sprawled across Michigan and Ohio. Our mastery over metalwork, coupled with our project management prowess tailored for tight deadlines, offered a holistic remedy to the client’s urgent predicament.

The ethos of Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC hinges on delivering top-tier services with unmatched agility. Delve into the table below to unearth more about this endeavor and reach out to discover how we can engineer solutions tailored to your pressing requirements.

Laser Cut Aluminum Trolley and Safety Latch Project Highlights

Product DescriptionDesign,Cut and Welded Tooling for automotive e-coat line and Powder Coating line.Parts Designed to Optimize Density and Part presentation to yield a repeatable finish.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary: Secondary:
Laser Cutting Welding
Equipment Used To Manufacture PartTrumpf 1030 Laser,Miller MIG Welder
Special Project InstructionDesign and Build Fixture Based Upon Part Presented
Overall Part DimensionLength:36.25″
Tightest Tollerence-0.035 to +0.035
Material Used

¼” HRPO steel plate

In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection
Industry for UseMetal Finishing-Automotive
Delivery/Turn around time3 working days
Delivery LocationMichigan And Ohio
Standards MetCustomers Specification
Product NameLaser Cutting