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Anodizing is a trouble-free electrochemical course invented more than 70 years ago that constitutes a shielding coating of aluminum oxide upon the exterior portion of aluminum. The existence of the finish substrate is proportional to the thickness of the anodic coating practically applied in anodizing. Aluminum oxide is a durable, hard, weather defiant substance that shields the base metal. The coating can be done colored by dyeing or can show signs of bronze tones through diffraction phenomenon created by the coating.

Advantages of Anodizing

  • In wide-ranging uses anodizing is less expensive than painting with the exemption of coil painted goods.
  • Anodizing is harder than PVDF or powder coating.
  • Anodizing is superior for aluminum in high traffic areas where the coating is subject to abrasive cleaners and physical abuse.
  • Anodizing cannot peel or flake off i.e. the coating remains as actual part of the metal.
  • Anodizing gives aluminum in depth, richer metallic look which literally is not possible using organic coatings. This can be done, just because of anodized coating is lucid, and as such one can see the base metal underneath the coating.
  • Anodizing is unaltered by sunlight. But all organic coatings will eventually fail due to the contact of ultra-violet light.

Painting is also a coating technique. In industrial language it is known as an organic coating. The performance of any organic coating i.e. painting depends on the resin, pretreatment and pigmentation. With aluminum the pretreatment process is of utmost significance. This is the reason why organic coatings for aluminum should be applied in factory. Resins are often the weak bond in an organic coating method. Some resins like PVDF, have outstanding weather-ability, while epoxy coatings are doomed only for interior exercise.

Advantages of Painting

  • PVDF is comparatively chemically immobile and will outlive anodizing in sarcastic environments.
  • PVDF coatings tender nearly an infinite selection of colors and are easy to manufacture in minute batches.
  • Applicable on coil painted sheet and does not fad as poorly as anodized sheet when fabricated.
  • Its color uniformity is usually better than that of anodizing.

Powder Coating is a simple coating technique which is applied directly (powder) to the object. It has some dissimilarity with the conventional liquid paint method since powder coating is done electro statically. Powder coating is mostly used for coating of home appliances, Aluminum extrusions, drum hardware along with automobile and bicycle spares.

Advantages of Powder coating

  • It is durable and hard-wearing.
  • It offers versatile design for the users.
  • Powder coating is environment friendly.
  • It is normally cost effective.
  • It is useful for antimicrobial coatings.


Anodizing is top suited to storefronts. Anodized and Polyester coatings are best for handrails and storefront. PVDF coatings are the finest for metal roofing and curtain wall components. Anodized, polyester and PVDF coatings could all be used on roofing, curtain wall and storefront applications with reasonable results. Moreover powder coating is mostly suitable for home appliances and aluminum extrusions.

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