• Custom Powder Coating

  • Large Component Powder Coating

  • Up To 26" foot Long Part

  • Hybrid coatings

  • AAMA 2604 Certified

  • AAMA 2605 Certified

  • JIT Services

  • Value Added fabrication

Versatility and Affordability

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC, our custom powder coating lines are designed with quality and versatility in mind. We operate two conveyor types, and one batch type processing production line to accommodate a range of sizes and volumes. These specially designed lines can powder coat parts up to 26’ x 3’ x 6’ and heavy duty hooks can hold up to 550 lbs. each. From light poles to electrical enclosures, our lines can be configured to hold small intricate parts up to large scale architectural components. To achieve proper adhesion of the coating to the substrate, 3 stage or 6 stage pretreatment processes are used. In addition we also provide sandblasting, shot blasting, and surface grinding to remove all old coatings, rust, or scale prior to washing.

Polyester, epoxy, urethane, and hybrid coatings are also available. Specific formulations can be chosen to provide the appropriate abrasion resistant, high temperature, insulation, or corrosion resistant characteristics for a given application. Our powder coating process is AAMA 2605 and AAMA 2604 certified for quality, and standard testing can be performed to customer specifications. Additional services include light fabrication, laser cutting, welding, assembly, and packaging. We specialize in fast service, with turnaround times of only 2-3 days and JIT shipping services available. For more information about our custom powder coating services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Custom Powder Coating Capabilities

Laser Type Polyester                                  Urethane
Epoxy                                        Hybrid(polyester/epoxy)
SubstrateCold Rolled Steel                       Alumunium
Hot Rolled Steel                        Stainless Steel
Coating CharacteristicsAbrassion Resistant                 Insulating
High Temparature                     Rel Colors
Pre Treatment6Stage
Pre Coating PreparationSandblasting
Shot Blasting
Surface sanding and Griding
Application ProcessSpray
Part LengthUp to 26 ft
Part WidthUp To 3 ft
Part HeightUp to 6 ft
 Part WeightUp To 550 lbs
TestingCustomer Specific
 QualityCertification Of Process
 Additional ServicesLight Fabrication                   Assembly
MIG and TIG Welding            Packaging
Metal Cutting                        Trucking
 Production VolumeSmall To Large Runs
Service AreaNorthern Ohio                      Western Michigan
Cleveland, Ohio                   Indianapolis, Ind
Toledo, Ohio                       South Bend, Ind
Akron, Ohio                        Eastern Pennsylvania
Youngstown, Ohio               Western Pennsylvania
Solon, Ohio                        Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan                 New York
Southeast Michigan

Powder Coating Process Lines

  1. (Main Line) - Light/Heavy Weight Parts, Has the newest Wagner Powder Coating system, Runs about 720ft/hr or 7000 ft per day
  2. Smaller System - 3X3 window, Dedicated small parts, runs about 8ft/hr or 480ft per day
  3. Batch Line - Part Profile 6'W x 6'H x 15'L

Powder Coating Equipment

The WAGNER PXS is not only the heart of the powder supply, it also represents the entire coating system as the entire system control is already integrated in the switch cabinet and is operating via the central touchscreen. The compact design enables a space-saving and ergonomic integration of the system into the individual working environment of the customer. Thanks to its diverse functions which enable a high degree of automation as well as an efficient powder application, this premium system is particularly suitable for challenging coating tasks with various demands.

  • Fresh powder supply directly from the powder box or a BigBag

  • Vibration & fluidization of the powder for ideal powder preparation

  • Change of collector nozzles in only five seconds

  • Optional ultrasound sieve reduces entry of dirt

  • Automatic optimization of color change processes

  • Integrated powder consumption documentation

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Properties of Powder Coating

With the right equipment, powder coating is easy to apply as it is free flowing in dry powder form. The major difference between traditional liquid paint and the technique of powder coating is that powder coating does not require solvent to bind the particles together and fill in the gaps amidst the liquid in the suspended form. The technique to apply the coating is called electrostatic. It is cured under hot temperature allowing it to flow and shape in the form of a skin. The powder is available in two forms; thermostat polymer and thermoplastic.

Powder coating creates an excellent hard finish much stronger then conventional liquid paint. It is largely consumed and used to coat metallic objects including; household appliances, aluminum products, hardware, automotive parts, and spare parts for different vehicles etc. New and advanced technologies now allow many other materials to be power coated through a variety of methods.

As power coating is not in a liquid state, it has the ability to produce thicker coatings.  The powder coating does not get saturated nor can it be over diluted, hence always gives a smooth look to any surface. Whether it is coated in a horizontal or vertical manner, powder coating rarely leaves any traces behind. As there is no involvement of a solvent, power coating emits no volatile organic compounds (VOC). In the end, many colors in the powder form can be applied before the curing process. This can allow the colors to blend and exhibit special effects in just a single layer of coating.

It is relatively easy to apply thick coatings which are cured smooth and texture free rather than applying smooth and thin powder coatings. As the thickness of the coating reduces, the layer becomes somewhat orange peeled due to the size of the particle in the powder, and the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the powder.

The particle size in most powder coatings varies from 30 to 50 μm, which is at a softening temperature of around 80 °C, and at a melting temperature of almost 150 °C. They are cured at around 200 °C. For these kinds of powder coatings, the layer builds of 50 μm will acquire a very acceptable and smooth layer. The desired surface or texture can only be seen at the completion of the finish product. The producers of power coating prefer to have a certain level of the orange peel  effect as it is helpful to hide the defects of the metal to be power coated which had occurred during the production of that metal as the result of the finished goods is also prone to show less fingerprints.

The biggest advantage of the power coating system is that it can be reclaimed and reused. 

At Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC, our custom powder coating lines are designed with quality and versatility in mind. To learn more or to see how we can assist you on your powder coating needs, contact Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company today.