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Cleveland Ohio Powder Coating wood? So what’s different this time?

Historically, powder coating wood and MDF have faced a host of challenges.

Not anymore.

There is now a range of durable, low temperature cure powder coatings with exceptional physical performance capabilities and gorgeous aesthetics for non-metal substrates like wood and MDF; IFS PureClad.

The history of attempts to advance powder coating beyond metal is the story of a struggle to conquer a combination of challenges that together, had to be overcome for success.

These challenges include:

  1. Achieving cure, without compromising aesthetics or performance, at temperatures sufficiently low to avoid damaging heat sensitive materials like engineered and natural wood.
  2. The ability to mitigate the effects of moisture content, which effects deposition during electrostatic application and can result in outgassing during cure.
  3. How to uniformly apply powder evenly, across the entire surface, to non-conductive or minimally conductive substrate.
  4. Overcoming the tendency for wood/MDF to shrink and swell over the life of finished products as they absorb and release moisture. The coating has to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate this without cracking or peeling.
  5. These challenges require solutions from multiple disciplines, not just the powder. It’s therefore necessary to align the community of allied suppliers (raw material and powder coating manufacturers, application equipment and oven suppliers, and coaters) to provide the market with the complete, robust powder coating alternative to incumbent coating processes and technologies.

This is something the powder coating industry has attempted over the years with varying results – until now. Significant formulation research, as well as developments in application and curing systems, now mean that each of these challenges has been overcome. The result is an exciting new product that cures at only 265F in a catalytic IR oven for 3 – 4 minutes. This low temperature cure, combined with the catalytic IR oven capability, overcomes the issue of damage to heat sensitive substrates.

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