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Powder coating represents a dry finishing technique that was introduced in North America some 40 years ago. It is a surfacing technique that has become extremely popular over the years through its time of inception due to its long lasting, highly durable and decorative properties. It is also known for its wide ranging applications in nearly all sorts of industries in a wide variety of applications. It is rust free, environment friendly, scratch resistant and comes in virtually any sort of finish or color.

Powder coating represents nearly 15% of the total global finishing market where it is used on a wide array of products. Used as a decorative as well as a protective finish, powder coating is actually a dry finishing process even though it may come across as pained-on.

For achieving the painted look, electrostatically charged pulverized pigment particles and resins are sprayed on electrically grounded surfaces of the target item. The electrically grounded nature of the object’s surface attracts the dry charged particles of the powder. These objects are then cured in a specialized oven where the dry particles melt and fuse with the object’s surface.

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