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In many instances, I have been asked by customers, “What is the most important step in the powder coating or painting process?”

Sometimes, it’s a humorously stealthy question, almost as if the customer looks both ways, lowers his voice and says, “You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone you told me.”

The most important part of the finishing process? This is like asking the most important part of your car—the engine or the brakes? Yes you want to go, and go fast, but at some point stopping becomes very important, too.

Starting, stopping and the points in between: they are all important in the finishing process. So before we discuss the equipment, do you know what you want to accomplish beyond coating your product? Do you have a hardness specification? A salt spray specification? The corrosion resistance you need? Have you studied the requirements of your industry, customer or specification? Have you studied the map?

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