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Heavy equipment manufacturers and the tier suppliers that support them typically have firm coating specifications in place, so when it comes to choosing the right coating, quality and specification compliance are given. What differentiates the right coating from the almost right coating is its ability to improve the bottom line, reduce overall costs and meet performance requirements, without over-engineering the solution.

Dave ZelchAll coatings are not created equal. Some can withstand very high temperatures, and some are more UV resistant. In the case of two products having matching performance characteristics and physical properties, the differentiator will always be cost, but basing decisions on price per pound or price per gallon isn’t a formula for real savings. Purchasing decisions are best made when key performance and process standards are acknowledged, and true applied cost—price per square foot covered—is understood.

Coating application is often overlooked as a potential money saver, but recognizing opportunities within this area is crucial to an efficient operation.

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