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Paint and powder coatings on lead are very effective coatings to protect and encapsulate lead products. Many people do not realize that lead can be powder coated because of the baking process used to cure the powder but it can be applied and provides a very tough coating. Lead is very heavy and soft making it easy to damage. If coatings are improperly applied, paint flaking can occur. There are three types of paint coatings and they have one key similarity: part preparation.

Prepping of Lead Materials

The secret to having a good paint / powder coating bond to lead is prep, prep, prep. In our paint and powder lines, there are multiple steps to ensure a proper bond of which only one is the application of the coating.

By its nature, lead oxidizes when in contact with air. This causes a build up on the surface – which may be hard to see – but it’s there and it gets worse over time. These oxides need to be removed to allow for proper bonding. Depending on the part, this can be done through acid washing, abrasive prep, soaking and wipe down or multiple combinations of these steps.

It is also important to note that any washing solutions will need to be treated because they contain lead. Any abrasive clean up or soaking requires proper lead handling techniques. A certified process is needed to properly handle lead and paint lead to ensure that the chemicals and cleaning agents are properly treated and discarded.

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