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Powder coating is a dynamically developing field used in the wider spectrum of industrial production. The advantage of this kind of surface treatment is the speed, quality and durability of the paints and their various uses. The mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the colors themselves are very favorable as well. Shortcomings of powder coatings arise from the necessary thickness of the coating layer and the physical process of coating a product. These shortcomings mainly occur during application and curing. Some of the problems arise due to the traditional hook and chain conveyor used in applying powder coatings.1The authors of this paper have considered one of the possibilities of the logistics in this field in order to eliminate these disadvantages.

Existing Powder Coating Methods

Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. The main difference between conventional liquid paint and powder paint is that powder coating does not require any kind of thinners. Newer technologies allow powder coatings to be applied to non-conductive materials, such as fiberboard and ceramics. The authors of this paper work with the basic principle of applying powder coating on electrically conductive surfaces.

The electrostatic method includes a pre-treatment for the application of electrostatically charged particles (where the charging takes place in the mouth of the gun) of the powder coating to the part that has the opposite charge (which is grounded). This paint will stick to the surface until it is heated in a curing oven at a temperature of approximately 180 °C where it is melted. This thick liquid creates a nearly perfect continuous coating as it adheres well to a surface.

Advantages of Powder Coating

A surface protected by a layer of powder paint is more resistant to scratches and the impact of different objects. Powder coating is also resistant to various chemicals.. It also exhibits lower process costs and allows for the recycling of colors. Powder coating can also be regarded as more environmentally friendly than wet paint.

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