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It was in October 2000 that DVUV—then known as Decorative Veneer—broke ground for a powder coating operation in Plainwell, Michigan, adding 10,000 square feet to its 30,000-square-foot facility to accommodate a UV-cured powder coating application system from Nordson Corp.

The new system began production in April 2001, making Decorative Veneer the first UV-cured powder coating on medium density fiberboard (MDF) installation in North America.

Decorative Veneer moved to the Cleveland area in 2005, changing its name to DVUV. A year later, the company established offshoot Keyland Polymer to develop, formulate and manufacture UV-cured powder coatings for MDF, plastic, composite, ferrous and nonferrous metals for DVUV as well as other customers.

Over the last 15 years, DVUV has overcome a number of challenges, the biggest being one that all MDF powder coaters have had to face: identifying—and then overcoming—the variables inherent within the MDF substrate that are not typical of conductive metal substrates.

These variables include moisture content, density profile, material composition and machinability of the MDF board. Optimum moisture content is typically between 4–7 percent and needs to be controlled throughout the entire process. Consistency of MDF is the most critical factor, and DVUV works with high quality MDF board manufacturers such as Plum Creek, which works to ensure a high quality MDF substrate machined to tight tolerances using sharp routing tools that eliminate or reduce the need for edge sanding or other processing.

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