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With Cold Spray technology, coating lightweight materials such as plastics or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) is significantly simpler. In the EU-funded project “Efficient Manufacturing of Laser-Assisted Cold-Sprayed Components” (EMLACS; www.emlacs.eu), ultrafast laser pulses modify material surfaces so that metal powder from a cold gas jet can adhere more easily. The project unites five partners from industry and research who want to extend low-pressure cold gas spraying to new applications.

Cold Gas Spraying is an additive manufacturing process in which metal powders are accelerated to supersonic speeds to adhere to material surfaces. The material deposition process is based on the kinetic energy of the particles. A thick layer (>0.5mm) is deposited with no thermal defect in the substrate. The deposited layer can be directly machined or reworked.

The main advantages of low-pressure cold gas spraying are the lack of heat input, high processing speed, and low investment cost. New material combinations are especially promising in automotive and aeronautics.

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