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Cleveland Ohio Powder Coat System’s Flexibility Reduces Costs, Improves Quality 

Finding the right solution for a company’s finishing operations can be complex, especially when the needs are very custom. That was the case with JR Custom Metal Products (JRCMP), a Wichita, Kansas-based metal fabricator.

Several objectives were driving JRCMP’s need for a new powder coat solution:

  • It was looking to increase the quality of the paint finish for its customers.
  • Its existing process was outsourced and gave the company no control over quality and often required considerable rework. Further, outsourcing was proving to be extremely costly, coming in at over $1 million a year with slow lead times that were impacting operations.
  • Dealing with a great variety in part sizes, JRCMP also wanted to be able to deliver the highest quality coatings based on its own values and to better meet customer turn times.

With no control over quality or delivery timing, it was time to bring operations back in-house and build a system customized to its unique needs that allowed for more cost-effective processing.

“Once we made the decision to build a powder coat finishing line, we wanted to do it right,” says Jorge Martinez, vice president of sales and marketing at JRCMP.

Doing it right involved a lot of research and time to find a seamless solution to the challenges JRCMP was facing. It required a very customized solution for powder coating because of different part sizes, thicknesses and process times. It also needed to have the ability to stop for manual processes at the shot-blast, blow-off platform, dewatering station and a masking area, and for the powder coating application — all while minimizing any quality defects that could occur with operators stopping the conveyor or extending manual process times. Further, it required an optional path to an automated inline blast system.

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