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Like many small businesses, we started in a two-car garage. That was 1985. To date, we have supplied general contractors with casework for schools and hospitals, produced hundreds of kitchens for high-end condos and time-share projects, and have custom manufactured thousands of components and powder-coated parts to OEMs and store fixture shops.

In addition, we have two cabinet component lines of our own, Redline Garagegear and Redline Closet Systems, where we provide distinctive and durable powder-coated doors and drawer fronts.

When it comes to coating medium-density fiberboard (MDF), we are often asked about the big difference between powder coating and conventional liquid paint. Most folks are also interested in learning more about the benefits of powder coating, many of which are not available with other finishes.

MDF is a wood material made from various wood fibers. It is produced by combining the wood fibers with a resin, high temperatures and pressure. Finishing wood with powder is becoming increasingly popular because of the many advantages it offers to manufacturers and consumers alike. For one, the powder is dry and does not require any solvents. The process of powder coating on MDF is quite different from applying a liquid paint.

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