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Cleveland Ohio Manufacturing: Fast-growing Ohio manufacturer expands

A manufacturer of specialty machines used by other manufacturers is nearly doubling its capacity by adding 7,000 square feet of space to its facility.

Automated Machine Systems Inc. said the new facility in the Cincinnati suburb of Woodlawn will have 17,000 square feet and include diamond-sanded and epoxied concrete floors, high-efficiency lighting and elevated ceilings.

AMS’ machines are used for plastic joining, precision fastening, leak testing and clip installation applications and are used in auto, medical, consumer and appliance manufacturing. The company services clients throughout the state of Ohio.

“The expansion will create new assembly bays and improve areas for medical market segment growth,” CEO Guy O’Gara said in a statement. “This will give us an advantage to have rapid growth in the years ahead.”

AMS also announced plans to hire 11 new employees in the next three years – more than doubling its current staff of eight – to meet anticipated revenue growth.

The company was a Courier Fast 55 finalist in 2016. In 2017, it reported revenue of $3.4 million, a 97 percent increase from 2016.

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