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Cleveland Ohio manufacturer: ‘Trump has our back’

American manufacturing appears poised for an economic comeback and boost in morale and one Ohio metal fabricator is giving President Trump the credit.

Staub Manufacturing Solutions welder Corey Adams said, “I don’t really know what you could credit that to right now besides who’s in office.”

In a video produced by the National Association of Manufacturers, the co-founder of the Dayton firm, Sandy Keplinger, added, “We’ve never had the support of of the government, of the president, until president Trump became president and now we feel like he has our back.”

Adams, Keplinger and her brother, Steve Staub, also a co-founder, will be guests in first lady Melania Trump’s box in the House chamber during Trump’s first State of the Union Address.

During a Roosevelt Room meeting last year, Staub sat next to Trump advisor Stephen Miller during which the president pushed his plan to promote manufacturing, a key element of his 2016 presidential campaign agenda. Trump also visited Staub’s factory.

Over the last year, manufacturing has seen gains and several firms, notably Chrysler, are planning to build new plants in the U.S.

Staub is just one part of that growth and the co-founders both said in the video that policy changes and a better economy have buoyed their firm. For example, Keplinger said that she has added 14 more workers to the company’s initial staff of 23. “That’s huge,” she said.

Noting that her firm a year ago had trouble making payroll and paying bills, she said of Trump and his policies, “He’s made a difference, and we appreciate that.”

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