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Wheatland Steel Processing has recently acquired a Cincinnati CL707-CO2 Laser Cutting System that, according to Wheatland President Timothy Jablon, will not only add additional capabilities offered to customers but also offer cost savings, a short turnaround time and custom cutting projects.

The Cincinnati CL707 CO2 Laser System incorporates high speed linear motor drive, motion control systems, electronics, beam delivery, fiber optics communications and software technology to greatly enhance machine productivity, performance and accuracy. It is capable of cutting a wide assortment of materials and products with a close tolerance, repeatability and burr-free parts. It can make fast work of large parts or batch processing of smaller parts.

The Laser System can take a 5-foot by 10-foot piece of steel; can cut up to 7/8 inch carbon steel and ½ inch aluminum and stainless steel. One can cut holes and run taps through them with no other finishing process needed. Its cutting tolerances are + /- .001 to +/- .007. Wheatland Steel will do short or production runs as well as prototype work. With its use, it will open previously untapped markets such as cutting out laser shapes and can offer capabilities for the needs of various industries such as the drilling industry.

“Previously things that needed to be cut by hand or run though a stamping die are now able to be done using the CO2 Laser system. This not only expands our capabilities but also offers our customers a cost savings and the ability to offer short, customized runs,” said Jablon. “A customer can send us a pencil sketch of what they would like cut and we can develop a print with the use of our computer-aided drafting programs. And, because of this, Wheatland Steel can start cutting parts on the new Laser machine in just a few days or less. Plus, we have steel in stock ready for your job. There is no job too large or too small. With the newest nesting software, Wheatland can assure a customer the minimum scrap lost making the price of the piece more competitive,” he explained.

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