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The brand new 6m x 2.5m Trumpf TruLaser 8000 laser has been commissioned in December as part of an ongoing investment plan to modernise MTL’s machinery line-up and boost productivity.

With high speed cutting and reduced energy consumption of up to 40% compared to the machine it replaced, the ‘new generation’ large bed laser provides superior contour precision and higher part quality than most other laser cutting machines on the market. The new investment will enable MTL to retain a competitive advantage on large volume production contracts as well as wear resistant, high strength and stainless steel components.

Karl Stewart, Commercial Director at MTL said: “Our investment in this ground breaking laser cutting machine will enable us to remain at the forefront of our industry, as there are very few companies in the UK with this level of technology in-house.
“Investment in large format cutting machines has been at the core of MTL’s past successes, and the new TruLaser 8000 complements our already impressive line-up of large profiling machines nicely. This includes a 20m x 3.5m laser, a 12m x 3m waterjet machine and a 25m x 5m plasma cutting machine to name but a few.”
The laser cutting machine will also be fully equipped with an ‘Intelligent FMS’ (Flexible Manufacturing System). Specifically designed for sheet loading, unloading and part sorting, the system will add an extra layer of automation to MTL’s operations.

Metal sheets of up to 20mm thickness and 6000 mm length will be automatically loaded on to the system, as well as moved and stacked cut parts of any shape – kitting them for further use which is perfect for Kanban systems.

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