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Laser cutting technology was first used in 1965 to drill holes in diamond dies. A machine developed by the Western Electric Engineering Research Center was used for this purpose. Two years later, British engineers engineered a laser-assisted machine that would cut metals with an oxygen jet. By the early 1970s, laser cutting machines were manufactured to cut titanium required in aerospace industry applications. During the same time, laser cutting machines were developed to work on CO2 to cut textiles.

Today, laser cutting machines are an integral part of several industries and an indispensible commodity for every segment. A simple tool such as a laser cutting machine allows metal fabricators or sculptors to cut out or create supreme quality metal parts with relative ease and efficiency. The biggest advantage of using laser cutting machines is that it saves time, supports minimal machine footprint, improves speed, and provides integrated laser beam guide. Laser cutting machines are used to cut a wide range of materials of varying thickness into desired shapes. Materials such as iron, steel, glass, ceramics, and alloys can be cut using laser cutting machines. With rapid technological developments, the global laser cutting machine market is getting fragmented into various regions, types of lasers, and technologies.

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