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The company says that the purchase of a Bystronic 6kW BySprint 4020 Fiber laser led the company’s investment back in spring and, six months on, it has transformed the face of the business, with the metal cutting specialists seeing an improvement across every aspect of the manufacturing process.

The company can now handle 4m x 2m sheet metal and process a range of materials and thicknesses that include 30mm aluminium, 15mm brass, 12mm copper, and 25mm mild and stainless steel.

As a result of the increased sheet size, the laser also allows for a better nesting strategy to be applied.

“Prior to the upgrade, we would previously split larger, 4m jobs across more than one sheet as our maximum cutting bed size was 3m x 1.5m.” says production manager Neil Tomkins. “With the Fiber, this is no longer the case as we now have the extra capacity to fully utilise the available space, offering customers greater flexibility for larger parts”.

This investment given up to a 300% increase in cutting speed when processing thinner sheet materials, and this has allowed extra capacity to be released.

Mr Tomkins said: “A job that used to take three hours, can now be processed in a third of the time.”

For example, 3mm mild steel can be processed at a rate of 13300mm per minute, almost three times faster when compared against conventional Co2 equipment.

“This is brilliant news for our customers, as they can benefit from an even faster cutting service and we can turnaround orders much more quickly,” added Mr Tomkins.

The equipment’s ability to process materials at high speeds, means lead times are shorter than ever. In addition to running a 24/7 operation, enquiries are dealt with in a strict 4-hour time frame and customer orders can be delivered in as little as 48 hours.

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