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Cleveland Ohio Laser Cutting – Laser Cutting Machine increases productivity via feature set

TRUMPF has released the second generation TruLaser Cell 8030, a multi-axis machine designed specifically for laser cutting hot stamped 3D components. Based on experience gained with the first generation, TRUMPF has significantly enhanced the machine’s performance. The new TruLaser Cell 8030 is more productive and energy-efficient than its predecessor, has lower investment costs and features a modular design for flexible configurations.

The machine’s increased productivity is primarily due to its highly dynamic rotational changer and new rotary indexing table, which features up to three workstations. The areas for loading and unloading are completely separate from each other, facilitating semi-automated solutions and increased productivity. Loading/unloading can be done with two people, or a single person can load the machine while a robot unloads the system. Either solution can be achieved while the system is actively processing a part inside of the machine.

Since not all cuts require the same laser power, TRUMPF enables fabricators to select the best laser for the TruLaser Cell 8030 based on their application. The new TruDisk 2000, a 2-kilowatt solid-state laser, offers high energy efficiency and excellent beam quality for fast, cost-efficient processing. It is the ideal laser for highly complex part processing. For applications requiring higher laser power, for example, when producing long cuts in larger parts, the new machine can be equipped with up to 4-kilowatts of laser power.

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