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The machine, an Amada ENSIS 4020 AJ, is the first of its kind in the UK.

The patented ENSIS variable beam control unit allows users to move between fibre and CO2 style beams for cutting both thin and thick materials. This is in contrast to conventional fibre laser cutting systems that require higher power to cut thick mild steel.

A significant advantage which attracted YSS to the ENSIS, is that both thin and thick materials can be processed on a 2kW machine, which is said to give significant savings in energy and running costs.

In trial cuts at last year’s EuroBLECH exhibition in Germany, power monitoring equipment showed that a 20mm thick mild steel part produced on a 4kW CO2 laser cutter drew 63kWh of electricity, whereas the 2kW ENSIS required just 15kWh.
YSS says that this improved productivity means it can usually offer better lead times than its competitors. The new machine complements two existing flat-bed 4kW lasers.

The company offers 24-hour capacity for the production of work from one-offs and prototypes, through to large batch quantities. Laser cutting capacity is up to 25 mm mild steel, 15 mm stainless steel and 12 mm aluminium.

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