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SHAH ALAM, July 5 — Although Nurul Syazninabila Mohd Ghazali (better known as Nabila) spent seven years studying architecture, the 26-year-old did not become an architect. Instead, she now runs Cuts Studio where she does laser cutting and woodworking.

“I feel that in Malaysia, architects struggle a lot. There are also limitations on what you can design because there are guidelines you need to follow. When I studied architecture in Scotland, it was much more open when it came to architecture. I do laser-cutting and woodworking because I want to design more freely,” said Nabila.

Nabila headed to London — after she completed her studies in Scotland and returning to Malaysia — to do a short course on woodworking, model making and laser cutting at Central Saint Martins, an art school in London, before coming back to start Cuts Studio.

When she was studying architecture in Scotland, her professors and lecturers told her that she was better at model making.

“I do like architecture because it helped me a lot but I decided to go for something that I love. In architecture, I got to explore a lot of things so I don’t think my education in architecture went to waste,” she said.

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