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Silicon micro-mirrors can guide laser beams at extremely high speeds, allowing operators to dose heat into workpieces with absolute precision. But to date these mirrors have not been robust enough to be used for laser cutting and welding. Now a team from two Fraunhofer institutes has developed durable mirrors that operate fast enough to perform challenging cutting and welding tasks.

The new mirrors will be demonstrated at the LASER World of Photonicstrade show from June 22 to 25, 2015 in Munich (Hall B3, Booth 341 and Hall A3, Booth 121).

In the automotive and aircraft manufacturing industries, a variety of materials such as aluminum and high-strength steels are used in order to keep vehicle weight down. However, these materials often present manufacturers with laser cutting and welding challenges. Laser processing systems have needed to be specially adapted to individual materials. In many cases, this requires special optics that are installed specifically for a particular process.

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