Laser Cutting of Mounting End Caps/Brackets for Metal Building Entry System

Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC was contacted by a Michigan-based customer with large inventory stocking needs. We were contracted to manufacture 20,000 parts per year and deliver under a just-in-time system, using several of our cutting and finishing capabilities for production. Our delivery times and production rates throughout this project were tethered to customer demand forecasts.

Our production work focused on a customer-designed end cap/bracket. Our laser cutting capability was used to cut the parts. We followed this with welding for assembly, powder coating for protection and finish, and laser etching for identifying labels. Our equipment included a Trumpf 1030 2500 watt COAX laser, a Miller MIG welder, and our production facility’s powder coating line.

Overall dimensions of the customer’s part were 14.25″ length and 4.56″ height, weighing 9.18 lbs. Construction material was 1/2″ thick plate steel, hot rolled and pickled oiled, with cutting tolerances of ± 0.012.” We utilized dimensional and visual inspections to ensure high standards of part quality. We managed speedy turnaround times of 15 working days for each restocking order.

Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company continues to be an expert when dealing with JIT-type order completion and delivery. See the table below for more process information, and contact us today to see how we can become a production partner for your JIT inventory needs.

Laesr Cutting Mounting End Caps/Brackets Project Highlights

Product DescriptionLaser Cut roughly 20,000 parts per year in a just time inventory system based on customer focus and actual Usage.Brackets cut with extra holes to be used as a universal part in 5 Different Products.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Laser Cutting
CNC Brake                    Power Coating
Welding                       Part Marking-Leather Etching
Equipment Used To Manufacture PartTrumpf 1030 2500 watt coax Laser,Miller MIG welder, Powder Coating Line
Overall Part DimensionLength:14.25″
Tightest Tolerances-0.012 to +0.012
Material UsedPlate Steel,Hot Rolled, Pickled Oiled
Thickness 1/2″ Plate
 Material FinishPowder Coated
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection,Visual Inspection
Industry for UseMetal Building,Entry Exit Doors and Loading Docks
Delivery/Turn around timeJIT Delivery,15 Working Days To restock
Delivery LocationMichigan
Standards MetCustomers Specification, 2D CAD Drawing
Product NameMounting End Caps,Brackets
 Customer Focus Metal Building Entry System Focusing On Dock Doors,Bumpers and leveling Plates