Design & Manufacturing of Paint and Powder Coat Tooling for the Automotive

Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company, LLC was contracted by an automotive industry customer to create paint and powder coat tooling for their production facility. The customer, due to an internal crisis, required this project completed as soon as possible. We designed, fabricated, and assembled this equipment keeping in mind the customer’s high performance needs, making use of our more advanced capabilities in the process.

Our accelerated design work was based off of existing customer parts, and formed the shortest phase of the project. Parts manufacturing was performed through our high precision laser cutting process, able to cut the parts quickly and accurately from ¼” HRPO steel plate. Standard welding assembled the parts into a complete product. Overall part dimensions were 36.25″ long and 6.78″ high, with a weight of 0.62 lbs., with tolerances held at an excellent ± 0.035.”

Across only three working days, design work and production of 961 units was completed for the customer, and delivered to their facilities in Michigan and Ohio. Through our highly reliable capabilities and project management adaptable to a tight schedule, a complete solution for an emergency situation was provided.

Architectural & Industrial Metal Finishing Company remains committed to making its high quality services as flexible as possible. See the table below for more info about what we did for this customer, and contact us directly to learn about what we can do for your time-sensitive projects.

Laser Cut Aluminum Trolley and Safety Latch Project Highlights

Product DescriptionDesign,Cut and Welded Tooling for automotive e-coat line and Powder Coating line.Parts Designed to Optimize Density and Part presentation to yield a repeatable finish.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary: Secondary:
Laser Cutting Welding
Equipment Used To Manufacture PartTrumpf 1030 Laser,Miller MIG Welder
Special Project InstructionDesign and Build Fixture Based Upon Part Presented
Overall Part DimensionLength:36.25″
Tightest Tollerence-0.035 to +0.035
Material Used

¼” HRPO steel plate

In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection
Industry for UseMetal Finishing-Automotive
Delivery/Turn around time3 working days
Delivery LocationMichigan And Ohio
Standards MetCustomers Specification
Product NameLaser Cutting